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Compliance is at the heart of good business practice and ensuring your residents and service users are safe is obviously paramount, both legally and ethically. Having robust checks and balances provides reassurance to all stakeholders that the necessary standards are being met throughout your organisation.

At Clear, we design bespoke compliance support packages to work alongside the needs of our individual housing clients. We can provide experienced, qualified compliance managers to provide in-house technical and legislative advice and oversight. We are skilled at providing administration and validation services which offer independently verified compliance statistics as well as assistance in the oversight of reporting systems supplied by others.

Where required, we can review, audit or generate compliance plans, processes and procedures to ensure all aspects of compliance are supported. We can even provide front line staff and managers with extensive online training resources and classroom-based courses to ensure competence at all levels in your organisation.



Good management of contractors or in-house delivery teams is central to providing an excellent level of service for residents and service users. However, there remains a delicate balance between obtaining best value for money and being able to justify contract expenditure.

Detailed oversight of contractual obligations, the quality of work provided and the accuracy of contract payments is key to effective contractor management. At Clear, we provide contract management support packages for organisations that give managers the visibility they need to ensure a contractor is fully compliant with key deliverables and is working to the necessary standards and providing value for money at the same time.

Traditionally, contract management is maintained via post-inspection regimes, validation of payment requests and adherence to agreed rates of pay. At Clear, we do this for you, but we also believe in going a step further to help contractors raise their performance levels and maintain strict control over costs.

We can provide management support teams to work alongside client teams and contractors in order to improve communications and relationships, so that all parties can understand the challenges and demands of any specific contract. We provide detailed observations of how contractors work and feed back our findings to all relevant parties. We identify any improvements that can be made to processes in order to help contractors to succeed. We facilitate open and honest discussions that clearly communicate your requirements and how the contractor can best meet these.

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