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If your school needs to call upon a safety expert, you will find that we can help with virtually any safety-related service. Over the years, we have helped schools with tasks such as:


  • Fire risk assessments.

  • Writing policies or procedures.

  • Producing school risk registers.

  • Accident investigations.

  • Attending safety committees.

  • Carrying out inspections.

  • Emergency planning.

  • Noise risk assessments.

  • Pedestrian/traffic assessments.

  • Liaison with contractors.

  • Helping with enforcement authorities.

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At Clear, we pride ourselves on listening to what you need and producing work that adds real benefit to your school. We aren't interested in producing reams of paperwork to simply cover a base. Instead, we take a proportionate approach and give advice that works in the real world, at the 'coalface'. Our documentation is always highly professional, easy to read, use and understand.



At Clear we provide a range of training dedicated to helping schools manage compliance and safety. Whether you are looking to train site support staff, contractors, teachers, senior leaders or governors, we have the solution for you.


Our training ethos is captured perfectly by the quotation on this page. Whenever we can, we provide delegates with reources to help them implement their training in their work, without having to reinvent the wheel. We also want to help change the way people 'think' about safety and we are passionate about creating positive safety cultures in schools.

“Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know”

Daniel J Boorstin

Courses include:


  • Senior leader/governor safety.

  • Managing safety in schools.

  • Site support staff safety.

  • General safety awareness.

  • Risk specific courses such as: Fire; COSHH; Working at Height; Manual Handling; Ladder Work


If there is specific training that you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to help.


“If you can't measure it,
you can't manage it .”

Peter Drucker

We are specialists in carrying out safety audits of schools. There are many reasons why a Clear audit is an excellent starting point for your school. We will:


  • Work 'with' you as we aren't trying to catch anyone out. We put staff at ease by making it clear that we are there to help and not judge.

  • Benchmark your school and colour code all aspects of our reports.

  • Provide a summary graph of how you are doing, which allows you to visually demonstrate your improvement.

  • Prioritise all of our recommendations.

  • Provide a cloud-based solution so that you can assign and manage all of your recommendations to build an audit trail over time.

Before your audit you will receive a guide to help you prepare. This might include locating the relevant documentation and arranging for us to meet with the right people in your school. Our auditor will look at your premises, your paperwork and talk to the people who are responsible for all aspects of safety, safeguarding and compliance in your school. It is a detailed process, but one which is highly rewarding. Many schools tell us that staff worry about what they don't know or might be missing. After a Clear audit, all of those worries are put to rest as they have their prioritised plan to work on, over time.


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