Our support package includes our clean and simple to use cloud-based project management system. You can have as many users as you like (without any additional cost) so that your staff can take ownership of their tasks and managers can see progress by running reports that can be downloaded as pdf files.


Your staff will be able to access a wealth of school safety resources from the file library and you can store all of your safety and compliance in one handy, secure location that you can access from any device.


At the start of your service agreement, we will populate the system with the most important recurring compliance tasks that need to be carried out to keep your school safe and legal. These tasks will be organised into clear sections (such as daily, weekly, monthly or any other relevant time periods) and they can be assigned to users and given priorities. Useful files can be attached and notes can be added to create the perfect audit trail that you can interrogate whenever you like. The system is designed with our core ethos in mind - everything has to be clear!

Users can view their upcoming or completed tasks...

Managers can run reports so they can maintain real visibility...

Staff can access all the documentation and resources they need to manage their tasks...


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