14-yr-old loses finger on school security fencing

28 Apr 2016

A 14-year-old girl had to have her finger amputated after a prank went wrong at Kingsbury School in Tamworth.


Lola Bennett’s hand slipped on a spiked fence as she attempted to retrieve a school bag hung there as a joke. Lola had tried to use a tree stump to reach the strap of her bag, but her friendship ring got snagged on the fence and tore her finger apart as classmates tried to pull off her shoe.

She was rushed to hospital where surgeons were forced to amputate the digit just below the knuckle.

‘The first responders were amazing and the ambulance staff were lovely too, they gave me more gas and air and cut off my ring while I was in the ambulance,’ Lola said.

‘I’m not blaming anyone, it was all a joke and all happened so fast. I was just unlucky.’

Lola’s mother, Zoe, is calling on Kingsbury and other schools to carry out renewed safety checks to prevent a similar incident happening again.

‘It’s been awful for Lola and the other girls who saw the whole event were traumatised,’ she said.

‘She was really brave and I am proud of how she has handled it all.’



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