Back to work after lockdown - risk assessment consultation

Although the general lockdown is set to continue for a number of weeks yet, with the announcement made by Boris Johnson on 10th May, it is clear that some employees will be returning to work over the coming days. For some schools this is likely to mean support staff, including cleaners, returning before others to prepare the premises before academic staff get ready for small groups of pupils.

The Government has made it clear that any organisations that open their doors during the pandemic must have a risk assessment in place that aims to keep everyone safe (both from infection and from other risks brought about by changing working conditions).

Whilst the guidance documentation issued by the Government is useful, it is absolutely key and critical that this is used to inform a risk assessment that is bespoke to each workplace setting and the unique circumstances that each will have.

Clear Safety is offering a fast, low cost consultation service for schools that are looking to return to work in some capacity. The guidance has been adapted into a really practical generic risk assessment for schools and the intention is that a short telephone or video conference takes place between key school staff and a Clear Safety consultant. This will allow the consultant to adapt and create a bespoke risk assessment that each school can then use as a roadmap to keep everyone safe.

The risk assessment will cover all aspects of infection control as well as considering issues such as lone working, safeguarding and the steps needed to safely reinstate the premises to an operational status.

If you are interested in implementing such a risk assessment, please do not hesitate to contact Clear Safety on 01303 684 001 or else visit the Contact page.

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