Clear, helping organisations navigate their compliance journey

Manage risk and target expenditure

At Clear, we specialise in safety, compliance and risk management. We have extensive experience working across all public and commercial sectors.

We support a wide range of organisations to navigate the often complex and challenging compliance journey, providing access to a dedicated team of professionals that works alongside your own staff. Our service is linked to our cloud-based management system to deliver a compelling picture of compliance alongside measurable financial savings.

This means you can manage risks across your organisation, whilst saving time and money as well as looking after your most valuable asset of all - reputation.

The Clear value

For the financial year 2022-2023, Clear managed the risks for our clients, saving them significant time and money, cementing our position as a critical partner in demonstrating value for money.

Stuart and Tamoor at Clear offices

Clear ensures that recommendations are checked for under or over specification

For cost-effectiveness, and that they bring the compliance level of the site to an acceptable level. We also ensure that the same contractor is not delivering the risk assessment and completing the works, to ensure that the client is protected from over-specification and excessive costs.

Clear delivers the process through an inspection regime that checks the work on-site and a desktop exercise overview of all evidence submitted by the contractor. We oversee the whole process, from risk assessment to recommendation, to the delivery of the remedial action programme and final sign-off of the remedial works.

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Clear works across different compliance streams

Including fire, water hygiene, commercial gas and domestic gas, heating and hot water, electrical safety, M&E and lifts. We hold an enormous amount of data, from assessments to recommendations and remedial actions, as well as periodic visits and plan preventative maintenance actions.

Clear provides a robust audit trail over time, which is backed up in the cloud. Our expertise across multiple compliance streams allows for information sharing between them, which is useful in cases where there is, for example, an electrical issue during a fire safety assessment. We can work across all the different compliance regimes for our clients, which helps avoid double-handling of work.

Clear Safety team

Ultimately, Clear provides risk assessment and remedial action programmes that ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

We oversee the whole process, from risk assessment to recommendation, to the delivery of the remedial action programme and final sign-off of the remedial works, all of which is backed up in the cloud.

The Clear approach to safety & compliance

At Clear when we work with our clients, we help them to meet their legal obligations whilst avoiding unnecessary expense. We are able to provide clients with a contractor management service, across a range of workstreams, delivering oversight of quality and compliance levels, as well as value for money.

Watch our video to really understand what sets Clear apart from other compliance organisations.