Water hygiene

Clear can provide oversight of the complex requirements of Legionella and bacteriological management in cold water systems.

Whilst we do not undertake risk assessments, we do help provide oversight of the remedials resulting from those assessments. We also help to ensure that suitable and sufficient planned preventative maintenance regimes are in place. We provide third-party oversight of individual remedial items and non-conformities, providing rational and reasonable responses to risk assessment findings. We ensure contractors are completing works that are required, and that work undertaken is evidenced and, ultimately, rectifies the elevated risks identified.

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Clear's portfolio of services includes:

  • Site audits
  • Reporting systems, including risk assessment regimes, maintenance regimes, remedial actions and non-conformities and rectification works
  • Contractor management
  • Cost control and analysis
  • Cold water booster set maintenance, specifications and replacement
  • Cold water system functionality in relation to other building services
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What makes Clear different?

We provide regular updates to our landlord clients ahead of planned changes in legislation and offer toolbox talks to their contractors to ensure best practice. For clients with larger housing portfolios, Clear provides representation within the wider elements of the landlord’s business and liaises with other key personnel such as Housing Officers, Leaseholders etc.

In addition, clients using Clear for guidance on commercial gas compliance can tap into our broader experience across a range of compliance streams, ensuring access to advice on domestic and commercial gas, electrical, fire (including detection)

Compliance Streams

    Overview of our approach to Safety & Compliance