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Fire safety

Clear has extensive experience in the delivery of a comprehensive range of fire safety services, spanning dedicated fire risk assessments through to the oversight of any required remedial works.

Clear’s portfolio of Fire safety services includes:

Undertaking fire risk assessments/quality assure fire risk assessments

Clear has the requisite expertise to undertake full fire risk assessments on behalf of a client and can also quality assure an assessment undertaken by a third party

Contractor management

Ensuring contractors deliver fire safety programmes on time and to the required standard, whilst managing any underperformance as it arises including the installation of new fire alarms

Establishing best practice

Provision of technical specifications and guidance to contractors to maintain the correct standard of fire safety equipment installation and maintenance

Quality control

Quality assure the remedial actions following a fire risk assessment to ensure fire risk is mitigated across the organisation and contractors are held to account to deliver the works that are required

Fire safety reporting

Providing timely and accurate reports to fire safety managers

Technical advice

Enabling access to technical fire safety guidance for operational colleagues across the client organisation to support an improved fire safety culture

Site visits

Attending site to meet with external parties - such as the Fire Brigade - to represent the client and assume accountability for any actions required in relation to fire safety for the organisation

Support client customer liaison

Liaising with the site manager to provide fire safety advice to help resolve complex customer complaints

View the range of Fire Inspections (updated Jan 2023):

Fire Exit signage

Wise up to waking watches

Vince Payne writes for the FPA and examines the pros and cons of implementing a waking watch in dangerous high-rise residential buildings.

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What makes Clear different?

The Clear point of difference relates to our efficient contractor management and cost control protocols. Our bespoke system allows complete oversight of all contractor activities (includes assessing / evidencing contractor competency) and contractor expenditure via desktop and / or quality assurance inspection regimes. Expenditure oversight includes monthly costs around 3* (or similar) contracts, as well chargeable works and capital expenditure projects.

We provide regular updates to our landlord clients ahead of planned changes in legislation and offer toolbox talks to their contractors to ensure best practice. For clients with larger housing portfolios, Clear provides representation within the wider elements of the landlord’s business and liaises with other key personnel such as Housing Officers, Leaseholders etc.

In addition, clients using Clear for guidance on fire safety compliance can tap into our broader experience across a range of compliance streams, ensuring access to advice on commercial gas, electrical, fire (including detection), water and environmental matters.

We help our clients by offering a broad spectrum of fire inspection, so as well as carrying out fire risk assessments and door surveys, we can also carry out a comprehensive fire inspection, which may clarify the comments in the risk inspection or oppose what a contractor is saying. Basically give a common sense approach to fire safety and what the client needs to spend their money on.

Vince Payne Head of Fire Safety at Clear

Vince Payne

Head of Fire Safety, Clear Safety

Compliance Streams

    Head of Fire Safety, Vince Payne on the Clear approach to managing risk and maintaining compliance

    • Vince Payne Head of Fire Safety at Clear

      Vince PayneLinkedIn

      Head of Fire Safety

      Vince is Head of Fire Safety at Clear. Prior to joining Clear, Vince spent many years in the building trade and nearly 27 years with the Essex County Fire & Rescue service. He is also a qualified fire risk assessor and fire door inspector and spent many years in a quality assurance and consultancy role within the fire safety industry.