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Example of a gas plant room

Full services upgrade with minimum disruption to residents

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Chris Buckingham Commercial Gas Manager

Thursday, 23rd March 20232 min read


Notting Hill Genesis

Reason for contacting Clear:

To provide a specification for the upgrade of services to a historic building.

Problems/issues identified by Clear:

The building featured an end-of-life plant room, which as well as supplying inefficient heating and hot water, was proving unreliable.

During Clear’s investigation, it also became evident that the electrical supply to the building was not compliant with the current legislative criteria.

Replacing the plant room and the electrical supply signalled the potential for outages and corresponding significant disruption to the residents.

The Clear response:

Clear produced a specification for the entire works to be undertaken simultaneously, introducing a temporary plant room to enable the seamless supply of heating/hot water and electricity.

The specification was issued to a shortlist of competent contractors and Clear negotiated the best price on behalf of the client.

End result:

The specification of the plant room put forward by Clear resulted in a modernized supply of heating and hot water, which was energy efficient and controllable via a computer-based Building Management System (BMS) system. The new system has the capability to immediately notify the maintenance contractor of any outages, ensuring a more reliable and uninterrupted service.

In addition, the installation of the new energy-efficient system has resulted in a reduction in heating and hot water bills, thereby enabling residents to make cost savings.

While maintaining no disruption to service, the entire electrical supply to the building was also upgraded, bringing it up to standard with current legislative requirements.

Asbestos was also discovered within the plant room area, and this was successfully removed and responsibly disposed of.

The above actions were progressed without any outward detrimental aesthetic changes to the building which is sited in a conservation area.

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