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Clear Safety Services have been appointed to SWPA’s Asset Safety & Compliance Framework

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Thursday, 2nd May 20243 min read

The South West Procurement Alliance (SWPA) have launched the new framework, Asset Safety and Compliance (ASC1). Asset Safety and Compliance (ASC1) has been developed following ongoing engagement and consultation with public sector organisations.

The framework overview

The Asset Safety & Compliance framework boasts a suite of disciplines providing a method to meet government guidelines regarding life safety, property protection and maintenance, access to a pool of consultancy and compliance-related expertise through a single framework and access to consultancy and surveying specialists for the management and removal of asbestos. Additionally, this framework provides access to expertise in property protection, water management, gas safety and heating servicing, asbestos, and electrical testing.

As with all our frameworks we achieve this by striving to meet and exceed the “Gold Standard” for public sector construction frameworks. We pride ourselves on our long-standing commitment to early engagement and collaboration bringing specialist suppliers and public sector bodies together to guide framework development ensuring best possible outcomes for the public sector and their communities.

Asset Safety and Compliance (ASC1) clearly demonstrates the benefits of early collaboration resulting in a comprehensive framework making high quality specialist firms available to the public sector working together to improve asset and building safety for building occupants and communities. SWPA continues to fulfil our commitments to social value impacts increasing the public sector’s access to regional and local specialists, encouraging SME involvement, and driving economic uplift to regional areas with our clients and appointed companies, who are using the framework. One of the companies on the Asset Safety & Compliance (ASC1) framework, are Clear Safety Services who specialise in an impressive range of services spanning contractor and compliance management. This includes financial oversight, supporting clients on their journey towards compliance, and always operating with the client’s best interests at heart.

Clear Safety Services feature on the framework’s Lot 5a Fixed Wire Testing and Associated Elements Workstream and bring with them a wealth of experience and highly regarded expertise. Clear Safety Services offer a full suit of electrical testing components, such as competent technical advice from qualified Electrical Managers, oversight of contractor activities via desktop and/or quality assurance inspection regime and advising on best practice.

Clear Safety Services offer representation within the larger elements of the landlords’ businesses (Housing Officers, Leaseholders), incident investigation, specification provision and certificate review and validation. Additionally, these services ensure IT support and work with compliance reporting systems, defining reporting rules, bulk uploading of documentation, advising on administration. Clear Safety Services operate with a dedicated administration and inspection team, as well as using industry renowned systems and processes.


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