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Clear Safety joins BAFE register

Stuart Letley

Stuart Letley Director

Tuesday, 21st March 20232 min read

Clear Safety, a provider of safety, compliance and risk management consultancy, has successfully completed the stringent assessment process to join the prestigious BAFE SP205 Scheme for organisations that undertake Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments.

Clear enjoys an excellent reputation for its comprehensive range of fire safety services, spanning dedicated fire risk assessments and oversight of the completion of remedial works to satisfactory standards. The business is now approved to join the ranks of the elite by holding the Third Party Certificated BAFE Registered Companies accreditation which is acknowledged as the gold standard for fire safety risk assessment organisations.

Commenting on the latest accreditation, Stuart Letley said:

"We are delighted to be recognised by BAFE, the lead body responsible for producing measurable criteria to enable organisations to demonstrate their competency to deliver specific fire safety services. The BAFE Fire Safety Register is widely regarded as the go-to for companies looking to appoint a suitably qualified and competent practitioner and BAFE certification is becoming an increasingly mandatory requisite in tender applications. As our role centres around the delivery of compliance-related guidance, it is obviously important for Clear to underpin its credibility by demonstrating the company’s independently proven proficiency in its specific areas of expertise."

First published: August 2022


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