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Impressive year on year growth for Clear Safety

Matthew Westby, Clear Safety Director

Matthew Westby Director

Tuesday, 21st March 20232 min read

Clear Safety, the experts in safety, compliance and risk management has expanded its team over the last 12 months bringing the number of full-time members of staff up to 35, with a total workforce of 50 when taking into consideration the company’s established network of Fire Inspectors. The rapid development of the company – which currently represents a 40% year on year growth – is indicative of the demand for Clear’s specialist services and in particular, its innovative approach to financial and contractor oversight, which can result in the generation of significant cost savings for its client base.

Clear, which offers support across a broad range of compliance streams - including fire safety domestic gas, heating & hot water, mechanical and electrical, commercial gas and water - enjoys an excellent track record for the delivery of best-in-class customer service and access to exceptional industry expertise. The company offers comprehensive risk assessment programmes and the delivery of remedial action plans backed by demonstrable audit trails to enable clients to evidence compliance, with Clear effectively safeguarding a client’s budget and reputation by only validating justifiable works, undertaken by suitably qualified and competent professional, at a reasonable price.

The business has recently joined the ranks of the elite by attaining the Third Party Certificated BAFE Registered Companies accreditation which is acknowledged as the gold standard for fire safety risk assessment organisations.

Commenting on Clear’s growth, Director Matt Westby said,

“Health and safety compliance has never been more under the spotlight in the wake of changing legislation and the clear message being sent out by the courts in the guise of heavy fines being handed down to companies who are found to be negligent in their responsibility to evidence compliance and protect service users. The current economic climate dictates that all business expenditure is heavily scrutinised to minimise the impact of raised running costs. The Clear model represents an increasingly appealing proposition, combining an effective and responsible approach to compliance management balanced with significant cost-saving benefits.”

First published: December 2022


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