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Protecting housing developers post Grenfell

Matthew Westby, Clear Safety Director

Matthew Westby Director

Tuesday, 21st March 20232 min read

Clear is delighted to be working with a major housing developer, to undertake periodic inspections of a number of its large-scale developments to provide unbiased evidence of the satisfactory completion of fire compartmentation works (quality, identification of remedials and completions) during the construction phase of each building.

The remit will require Clear to inspect each floor of the development, at the appropriate time, and upon completion of the entire block, to undertake a final inspection.

Commenting, Director Matthew Westby said:

“The decision to work with Clear is based on our ability to provide an impartial and informed risk assessment of the building, to demonstrate that all works are compliant with latest industry recommendations. This means that in the event of any future claims in relation to a fire incident at the development which spreads, the developer’s liability will not be in dispute. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, anyone purchasing a property in a residential block is going to want total reassurance that the necessary steps have been taken to ensure that if disaster does strike and a fire breaks out, residents will not be trapped and the fire won’t spread in the same way as played out in the fateful events of 17th June 2017. And of course, developers need to take the necessary precautionary steps to be able to demonstrate compliance and therefore avoid costly litigation.”

Anyone purchasing a property will have access to Clear’s meticulous independent records which will serve as proof of the developer’s strong commitment to compliance.

First published: March 2021


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