“It is easier to do a job right than to explain why you didn't.”

Martin Van Buren

The quote says it all - we simply want to get it right so that our clients are delighted with our service. It's the only way to work as far as we're concerned at Clear.

Clear was started by Stuart Letley, a highly respected safety and health practitioner. Stuart gained experience as an enforcement officer before working in safety consultancy for a risk management plc for the next 15 years. He ran two companies for the group, one of which specialised in supporting schools and, recognising a need, created the SafetyMARK certification scheme.

Stuart's experience of supporting organisations with safety and compliance is second to none and he built a reputation for providing the best advice possible in a way that kept the information clear. It is that ethos of avoiding ambiguity which led to the creation of 'Clear'. We think that organisations are not interested in advice, documentation or training that is laden with jargon or which doesn't try to understand how things actually work 'at the coalface'. It is the 'Clear' ethos which separates us from the rest - we understand you and we go the extra mile to make safety easy, as opposed to being an obstacle.

e: info@clearsafety.co.uk

t: 01303 684 001

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