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Data cleansing & migration

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Thursday, 23rd March 20231 min read


Notting Hill Genesis

Reason for contacting Clear:

Client required the seamless migration of data from a previous compliance provider to a new compliance reporting system.

Problems/issues identified by Clear:

The existing data was filed in a way that made data investigations extremely difficult and slow. The new system, although capable of receiving bulk data, was unable to process the older compliance records due to formatting issues, and therefore had to be supported by other data provisions.

The Clear response:

Clear provided data summaries and also identified a competent data processing contractor to analyse the existing poorly filed data. Through meticulous investigation, all data was cleansed and any gaps identified were handed to the relevant compliance teams to resolve. Clear was able to ensure the successful transfer of all historical information.

In addition, Clear was able to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition to working with the new technology.

End result:

The new reporting system was able to receive the bulk historical data over a period of time. Once the process was complete the compliance data on the new reporting system accurately reflected the actual compliance rates, while the historical data remained available for potential interrogation and audit.

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