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Water hygiene compliance on show

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Thursday, 23rd March 20232 min read


Notting Hill Genesis

Reason for contacting Clear:

Clear was asked to review the quality of service provided by a client's incumbent legionella management contractor, as there had been concerns regarding the robustness of the evidential compliance trail.

Problems/issues identified by Clear:

After a thorough audit of the contractor's online management system and the associated paperwork and on-site documentation, Clear was able to ascertain that there were gaps in the recording of compliance information. Where issues were being identified on-site by technicians, these were not being flagged to the client and were being left unaddressed. Furthermore, where work was being completed to address the remedial actions from legionella risk assessments, evidence was not being provided to demonstrate that the issues had be adequately addressed. A the client has a large estate with many hundreds of properties, these left them 'blind' to their true compliance position.

The Clear response:

Clear worked with the client to identify a suitable reporting system and detailed the evidence that needed to be provided. Clear engaged with the existing contractor to encourage a change in behaviour that facilitated the creation of an evidential audit trail of all works completed, along with cost control oversight.

End result:

The client was able to move from a situation of having limited visibility of the maintenance regimes in place, to having an accurate, fully 'live' and transparent compliance reporting process, whilst reducing costs due to robust oversight of the contractor.



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